Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm sorry? Can you repeat that one more time? Bad Boy round 3

I was stunned. I lay there just looking at him for a moment. Then I went cold. I'd only been single for 3 week and frankly Bad Boy was not someone I could ever see myself with. This was supposed to be just for fun. I thought he understood that.

Me: "Bad Boy, this is a one night thing. I don't want to be with you. I just wanted to have sex with you. That's it."

Then I started to get a bit angry. How dare he suggest this!

Me: "And for that matter, you dated my sister, there is no way I would be with you after that. Like at all!"

Bad Boy looked shocked. And then was really quiet. There was a very long, awkward silence.

Me: "I think maybe you should go now."

More silence.

Bad Boy: "Okay..."

Although the sex had been fantastic, things had gone from fun to WAY too serious in about half a second. After Bad Boy agreed to leave I called him a taxi and we waited in the front hall together silently.

When the taxi arrived I waved goodbye... and although Bad Boy has tried to contact me since, that was the last time I saw him and goodbye is the last thing I said to him.

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