Monday, November 28, 2011

The bachelorette party!!! - Part 1

At my birthday party my wedding party and a few girlfriends shared with me the exciting news that they had planned to throw my bachelorette party in Chicago with hopes of getting tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show. I was over the moon excited, we were leaving early in the morning on Thursday April 22nd.

On the Monday of that week Girlfriend A called me at work, "Wendy I have some amazing news," she gushed, "I just got an e-mail saying that I scored us 4 tickets to Oprah on Friday!!!!" She and I both squealed into the phone and I was dancing in my office. This was a dream come true and I couldn't believe that my friends had put this all together just for me! Knowing that we had tickets I was positively ecstatic.

The night before we flew I was packing my bags and The Ex decided to pick a fight with me. He was jealous that I was going and didn't trust me to behave.

Me: "Look, I get why you don't trust me, but it isn't like I go out and sleep with random people. I had an affair, with a very specific person. I know it was wrong and I absolutely will not be doing that again."

The Ex: "I just don't think that with your past behaviour that you deserve a bachelorette like this. I mean, you're going away for 4 days, and I don't know what you'll be up to. Your friends knew what you were doing and no one stopped you."

Me: "Actually only BFF1 knew anything and she did try and stop me but I didn't tell her everything I was doing."

The Ex: "Yeah right! She probably encouraged you. Why didn't she tell me then?"

Me: "Because she is MY friend! Although she did not agree with my actions at all, the bottom line is she is MY friend! If the roles were reversed you would totally have your friend's back in the same way and you know it!"

The Ex: "I would've tried harder to make them stop what they were doing so that I didn't have to keep a secret."

Me: "She did! And then I stopped sharing with her! She can't tell you something she doesn't know!"

The Ex: "And why Chicago anyway? Why can't you just go out here so that you can come home afterwards?"

Me: "They got me tickets to Oprah. You know how much I love Oprah. I've been watching her show since I was 15. This is a dream come true. Why can't you just be happy for me?"

The Ex: "I just don't see how with everything between us why you would want to go away right now. Things aren't good."

Our conversation went in circles like this the entire time I was packing. After about two hours of back and forth and talking around and around The Ex finally said, "I think we should end things. You clearly don't want to be with me, you're leaving on this trip."

Me: "Ex, you really can't do this tonight. I leave in the morning with my girlfriends to celebrate us getting married. You really want to end things now? Like this?"

We sat looking at each other.

Me: "Look. Let's table this discussion until I get back. Then we can make a decision one way or the other."

The Ex: "Fine."

So we left things hanging while I jetted off the next morning with my friends to celebrate my bachelorette...

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