Friday, September 30, 2011

Where there are sparks...

He brushed my hair down under his cheek an snuggled closer, arm wrapped right around me and spooning against my back. He was so warm. Laying there cuddled against him felt natural and I started to relax again. No real  harm in just cuddling, was there? He started softly snoring in my ear and I began to drift off again.

The snoring stopped and his fingers started lightly brushing against my stomach, back and forth. Then slowly up my ribs, back down my stomach, then up again along the side of my breast. My heart was racing again.

Fingers gently brushed down my ribs and across and back up lightly tracing my nipples. He gently pinched one and I shot up looking at him over my shoulder, "What are you doing?"

Bermuda: "Nothing. Sorry. I'll just keep my hands to myself." He puts his hands up in demonstration and then goes to turn over.

Me: Looking him right in the eye, "No, that isn't what I said. What are you dong?"

Bermuda: Silence. And then, "Well, I like you... and I like boobs..." he shrugged his shoulders and looked up at me.

I sat there contemplating him for a moment. I gave a small smile and said, "okay then" and laid back down. I turned to face him and he leaned forward and softly kissed me.

(I didn't quite see it at the time but that was the exact moment when I chose to shove myself onto a new life path.)

We spent the next several hours peeling pajamas off, wrapped around each other kissing, touching, caressing and generally mauling one another.

Around 5am I was on top straddling him, we were still just teasing each other, Bermuda grabbed my hips and squeezed them blurting out, "I so just want to fuck you right now."

I giggled softly, bent down and whispered, "I did tell you when we started that you were going to have to take the lead, I said I was in."

He looked at me, eyes big as saucers, and quickly flipped me off of him...

Up until that point in my life the first time I had sex with someone generally meant some pain and a lot of awkwardness. That night was hands down the best first time sex I had ever had and at the time it definitely ranked in the top 5 ever...

Afterwards I was feeling simply euphoric.

Laying there spooning again I asked what time it was, he guess around 3am. I grabbed my phone and took a look, it was 6am!

Bermuda: "I gotta get up in an hour for work... tomorrow is gonna be rough." I agreed with him.We fell asleep naked wrapped around each other.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I thought it was a little odd to be locking the door, but it was only a latch lock and something that I could easily undo, so I wasn't alarmed. I quickly realized why he'd locked the door.

We settled on his bed and had just started talking about the rest of our afternoons and evenings when the muffled noises from the living room got louder. There were people heading towards the bedroom and they were being loud. Someone pounded heavily on the door, "Hey Bermuda, you coming to...." another voice started talking over the first and with the Bermudian accents and multiple voices talking and laughing I didn't really follow what exactly they were asking. Bermuda paused, looked at me with a smile and then replied with a "No, I'm out." There was definitely some laughter, one more pound on the door and then we heard them walk back to the living room.

With the brief interruption over we went back to talking about the rest of the rugby matches and my work dinner. I told Bermuda about the one girl that had come up to Peter Pan and had asked him about me. He surprised me by saying, "Yeah, I'd heard about that." I gave him a quizzical look, he shrugged and then explained that the girl who was asking the questions was roommates with a girl he had been "sort of" dating. And then the light bulb went on.

Me: "You mean the girl you got the phone call about on Friday night?"

Bermuda: "You remembered that?"

Me: "I was right beside you when you got the call. I didn't really get what you were talking about then but now it's starting to make a bit more sense. What happened?"

Bermuda explained to me that he had hooked up and hung out with this girl a few times. He was not looking for anything serious, he just wanted to date casually, and he had shared this with her. Apparently in her attempt to keep things casual she thought it would be okay for her to give one of his friends a blow job. After the phone call on the Friday night he had gone to talk with her Saturday (yesterday) to call her out on said hook up. Things did not go well,  and after their "discussion" they were no longer seeing each other and pretty much not on speaking terms. Bermuda then explained that because their discussion got a bit heated and tears were involved, she had been too upset and embarrassed to come into the rugby tent that afternoon with him in there. Apparently having me wrapped around him behind the bar had made things worse and that was why her roommate had come over to investigate.

The dirty look and comments now made a whole lot more sense. I found it a little funny that I had caused drama without having a clue that any of this was going on.

Bermuda and I talked for another hour or two about life in general, what we had been up to, plans that we had for the future and about the travels we had done and still wanted to do. Our conversation was great and came so easily.

It was pushing 1am and after drinking all day (and still feeling buzzed) and the fact that we both had to work in the morning we decided to call it a night. All of the friends were still in the living room, although they had quieted down quite a bit by this point. I quickly snuck into the washroom to do the whole before bed routine and change into my pajamas. With the couches in the living room all occupied, Bermuda was in his bed when I came back. I crawled in next to him but up against the far wall. We said goodnight, and I rolled over to face the wall and settle in. His bed was comfy.

Just as I had started to relax and drift off Bermuda shot his arm out across the gap between us, wrapped it around my waist and yanked me back and up against him.

My heart was just pounding.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rugby Classic: Part 2

Peter Pan looked at me and then looked back at the girl, "She's just a mate. Look at her hand."

I held up the hand in question, the girl glanced at it, and then looked back at Peter Pan, "Who cares, who is she?"

Peter Pan repeated, "She's just a mate. She's in town for business and she wanted to check out the Classic."

The girl shot me another dirty look and walked away.

Peter Pan and I talked again for a bit and then Bermuda made his way over to us and asked if I wanted to go and check out the games with him. We sat in the bleachers and watched a good portion of the game and then we grabbed some food since there was a huge buffet being served in the tent. Over dinner I asked him about his beard. It was huge and although we had talked about it a bit on Friday he had said there was a story behind it but the music was too loud to give me the details then. He explained to me that he had had a bet with one of the managers at his work. I didn't really understand but I told him that I didn't love the beard, it made him look a lot older than he was.

Around 4 o'clock I had to head back to the hotel and get ready for a work dinner that I was required to attend that evening. I said goodbye to Bermuda, he was back to bar tending, and he suggested that I call him after dinner because there might be an after party. I agreed.

Peter Pan walked with me to get a taxi, we said goodbye and I left.

Dinner that night was relaxed and fun. The wine with dinner was delicious and luckily I was seated at a table with some of my favourite colleagues so the conversation was entertaining. It was still a work function and so I felt a little drained from having to be 'on' at all times. We had a bus tour scheduled the next morning so most of my colleagues decided to call it an early night. I was wound up a bit from the work and still felt like I needed a break, something to destress. On my way back to my room I called Bermuda.

Me: "Hey, dinner just finished. I definitely need to get out of here, what are you up to? Can I join?"

Bermuda: "The party ended early but there are a few people over at mine. Come over. It's a bit of a ways but you can spend the night, I'll take you back to the hotel in the morning, my office is around the corner."

Me: "After your rant this morning, if I were your fiancee, how would you feel with me going to spend the night at a somewhat random male's house?"

Bermuda: "It's all good. I'll sleep on the couch and you can have my bed. Just come over, it'll be a good time."

I really wanted to get out and the thought of hanging out with people my age and enjoying the rest of the evening was exactly what I needed. I agreed and got the directions to his place. I went to my room, grabbed an overnight bag, decided not to change out of my dinner outfit and left.

The taxi driver knew where we were going and dropped me off in the lane. I called Bermuda to tell him that I was there, he said that he would come out and meet me. I walked towards the house listening to the tree frogs singing in the trees, it was really a nice night.

Bermuda came around the corner and as soon as a I saw him I blurted out, "Your beard! You got rid of it!" He just smiled and told me that I looked nice. He took my bag from me and we walked inside.

Instead of going to the living room where clearly a lot of people were, based on the noise, he took me to his room, closed the door and locked it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rugby Classic: Part 1

I checked my messages and it was Bermuda letting me know that he had gone out for a smoke but the bouncer wouldn't let him back in the bar. He asked me to call him if I got the message. I did. He was on his way home and asked if I was able to go out again while I was down. I mentioned that Sunday during the day I was free and he invited me to the World Rugby Classic. His rugby team had a tent and he thought I might enjoy it.

Sunday he came to get me around 11am. I brought breakfast; tea and muffins. It was really fun riding around on the back of his scooter, I felt very European. We stopped at the rugby club first because there were a few people meeting him there to grab tickets. He and I sat out front eating breakfast and chatting for about an hour. Our next stop was a detour to his place. He changed and offered me a team jersey to wear as well, but I passed. We took a taxi to the event.

On the way we had a lively debate about engagements and marriage and Bermuda also commented that I wasn't as happy about being engaged as he thought I should be. We also talked about fidelity, relationships in general and then we moved on to lighter topics.

Upon arrival I realized that we were the organizers of the event and I was promptly put to work helping move tables and set up banners. I met a lot of people and was enjoying the team spirit. Peter Pan showed up a little after us and I spent time working with him as well. He introduced me to a few people, some of the girls on the team, which was really nice.

Once everything was set up it was time to drink! Bermuda was bartender for the beginning of the event so I chatted with Peter Pan and a few of his friends. We eventually went out to watch the opening match. I got a little cold so I wandered back to where Bermuda was and went and cuddled against him behind the bar.

We were having a great time with him being the left hand and me being the right hand and I did eventually warm up. It was my first time ever being a bartender, a very fun experience.

Eventually Bermuda was called to other duties and I rejoined Peter Pan's group. A new girl walked up to Peter Pan and without looking at me hissed in his ear,

"Who is she and why is she with Bermuda?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


November 6th, 2009

I'd send Bermuda a Facebook message in July, once the trip had been finalized, to let him know that I would be coming to Bermuda for a conference. He replied a few days later agreeing that catching up over drinks would be in order. We messaged back and forth a few times between July and the week before the trip. On November 2nd, 2009 I landed in Bermuda for the first time in 7 years.

Bermuda and I had met in February 2002 when I was in Bermuda for Spring break with friends. My group of friends and his group of friends had met at a club and we all hit it off so we that we spent the whole week together. Bermuda and I had maintained a friendship over the years with random emails now and then. Out of the group we seem to have been the only ones that had stayed in touch. I was excited to see him.

Work came first and after 4 days of heavy meetings I had the night off and sent Bermuda a message. He invited me to meet up with him and Peter Pan for drinks at Opus Lounge. I'd just finished up at the dinner meeting and practically ran out of the hotel for this much needed break. I didn't even change out of my meeting attire and just grabbed a taxi.

The taxi stopped right out front of Opus Lounge and Bermuda came around to open the door for me, I launched myself into him for a huge hug. He'd gotten taller since the last time I'd seen him. Peter Pan followed and we hugged as well.

The three of us went to the bar and grabbed drinks and started catching up. The first thing Peter Pan said was, "That's new," as he pointed at my left arm.

Me: "What, my jacket. Yeah, I guess, it was a gift for my birthday last year." (I was really confused by his comment and was giving him a bit of a funny look.)

Peter Pan: "No. This is new."

And he pulled out my left hand displaying my huge diamond engagement ring.

Me: "Oh. Yes. The ring. Yes, it would be new. You noticed that rather quickly."

We all had a conversation about the engagement and wedding plans and I asked about how they were each doing and their dating lives. Peter Pan spoke up again,

"Bermuda and I are Lost Boys."

Me: "I don't understand, what do you mean?"

Peter Pan: "Peter Pan and the Lost Boys? We're staying in Neverland forever and are never going to grow up. We're going to keep enjoying being single and not get tied down. We're womanizers."

I didn't realize it in that moment, but Peter Pan had struck a chord with me.

We had another round of drinks, continued talking and eventually headed out to another bar up the street. On our walk there Bermuda received a phone call from a friend. This friend was calling him to tell him that the girl he had been seeing had fooled around with another one of his friends. Peter Pan gave him a bit of grief about seeing this girl in the first place but the topic was soon changed.

There was a lot of dancing at the new bar and the three of us had a good time. Peter Pan and I had a bigger discussion about the engagement and he comment that I wasn't as excited as he thought I should be. I brushed it off.

We lost Bermuda at some point and decided to call it a night soon after. Peter Pan took me back to my hotel and we said good night. I checked my phone and saw 3 missed calls and a new message. They were all from Bermuda...